Job transition guide

Your Guide to Making a Transition

When browsing through job descriptions, it’s easy to get the impression that many media roles are incredibly siloed. Media buyers all seem to want negotiation experience, while the media planner roles seek candidates that can analyze and interpret data. It begins to look a bit like competing companies are just shuffling talent around between one another – and in a …

Tips to ace the interview

What Hiring Managers Wish Job Seekers Already Knew

Getting hired is the result of give and take between a candidate and employer when they reach a decision that they are the right fit for each other. “You’re hired.” Those are the words you’re hoping to hear at the end of the interview process. You’ve read all the advice from friends and self-help books, but somehow much of that …

Interview Question - Why did you quit?

Answering the Quitting Question

There could be many different reasons for why you left your last job, or employed, but currently looking for a new opportunity. In an interview, you need to be able to articulate those reasons well without digging yourself into a hole. All About Perspective Whether you were fired, laid off or chose to quit your job, don’t let the negatives …

Video Interview

5 Prep Tips for a Video Interview

Video interviews can be a great way to connect with a potential employer, especially if you’re interviewing for a position which would require you to relocate or work remotely. However, video interviews are also full of potential pitfalls. These five steps can help you to prepare for a video interview and increase your chances of making a positive impression. Test …

Hacker on computer

The Myth of Stealing Employees

The phrase, “stealing employees,” and the insinuation that recruiters/sourcers are doing something wrong when targeting passive talent has always been the only motivation I need to get on my soapbox about this distorted view. “Stealing” Employees Let me first state that I don’t necessarily get frustrated when ignorance shows up in this manner. After all, the ignorance is simple and …

What is Sourcing?

We enjoyed great success (after a LOT of trial and error and painful experiences) as we launched the team in February of 2000 with six sourcers and grew that team to 55 sourcers supporting approximately 200 recruiters by March, 2006. I then left the bank to launch Reveal.

Performance Coaching with Abraham Lincoln

As business leaders, when we make a paradigm shift in the way that we think about certain parts of our business or how we do things, the “switch” is enlightening and even healthy. This new perspective will shift our thinking and mindset. One common area that is constantly evolving is how we view performance coaching. Performance coaching is about doing …

An Athlete Without a Coach

Consider this…Any top athlete in any sport commits to regular and rigorous practice (think “role plays”), training for strength, precision and endurance, and the athlete often has a coach with them that understands the sport and has almost always played it at some point in their life.