“What is a ‘Failed Search’ and How Do I Avoid It?”

That is exactly the question behind the development of Reveal’s Success Contract.

Safeguard Your Hire. A couple of years ago, Marc Hutto set out to shut down the risk of a failed search for Reveal’s clients. Marc gathered input and deconstructed this issue with the heads of Talent Acquisition of some of the world’s most notable companies; all of whom have been clients of Reveal for many years. Each of these leaders weighed in on a set of Timelines and Covenants that represent the absolute best practices any company can rely upon to create a successful search.

The Success Contract is a one-page document that
guides hiring leaders and talent acquisition professionals
through the tentative — and sometimes unstable — nature
of passive candidates

Success Contract

Save on Future Services. Reveal’s Success Contract is a handshake agreement that also offers a potential opportunity for clients to reduce their final fees — just by completing a successful hire. It’s true. When you close on that just-right hire, Reveal will reduce our fees to you. Why do we do that? The fact is, when you achieve success we’re only too happy to reward you. It’s also a way to show our clients:

  • We’re 100% confident in the process outlined in the Success Contract.
  • We’re invested in your success by having “skin in the game.”

Safeguard your hire and save going forward. It’s a non-traditional approach that yields the best hires and keeps Reveal clients on track for on-going recruiting success.