We put technology & the telephone to the test.

Tenacious and Ethical

Leveraging free and fee-based technology, we find talent in the public domain incredibly fast. With a particular need in mind and the findings from our technology resources, our experts call into companies employing the talent you seek in order to identify those not in the public domain. Yes, there are other companies that boast of similar capabilities but many utilize unethical tactics. That’s not us. Reveal can get the job done and do it in a way that reflects well on us — and on your brand.

No Secrets Between Partners

In addition, there are no secrets when you choose Reveal Global Intelligence. We’ll tell you exactly how we do what we do. We even offer training in our methodology. Reveal is your partner in success for now–and later.

Intel You Own

Here’s more great news: you own everything we find. As part of our search process, we’ll deliver a complete talent map of individuals discovered in the market and from among your competitors and other companies. And this critical intel is delivered within days (not weeks) in a spreadsheet format, organizational chart, or on a shared and secure web-based platform.