Sometimes it’s about Knowledge Over Hires.
Why? Because Intelligence is Power.

~ Reveal Global Intelligence

Recruitment Intelligence

How Reveal Can Help

Typically, a senior leader or senior HR professional taps Reveal to commission highly confidential intelligence projects. Using methodologies such as Binary Elicitation™ and Regression Analyses, we get the goods for our clients. What intelligence do you need today to prepare for future hires?

Important Questions to Ask

Our clients regularly engage Reveal simply to learn what the competition is doing:

  • How are they structured?
  • Why are they structured that way?
  • Is their structure and business model effective and efficient?
  • What are they paying for these roles?
  • How are they retaining their people?
  • Where are they getting their talent?
Delivered Results
  • Intelligence reports
  • Organizational charts/Talent Map
  • Compensation studies
  • Highly customized data sets