A New Approach. Purpose-Driven RecruitmentTM

After 25 years of listening to his colleagues, candidates, and simply serving as a recruiter, Marc Hutto assembled Purpose-Driven RecruitmentTM which candidates call “refreshing.” The terminology makes sense because this approach is all about engaging candidates – with purpose. That means that Reveal knows how to build relationships with top talent, ensure overall alignment to the client’s culture, and ensure the Career Drivers for the candidate line up to the attributes of the opportunity.

The Challenge of Recruitability. Not too long ago, LinkedIn celebrated its 500-millionth member. People are more discoverable than they ever have been in the past. This creates a challenge for recruiters because passive candidates are now becoming more and more inundated with calls from recruiters. This challenge calls for a new approach.

Career-Coaching for the Win. Purpose-Driven RecruitmentTM acknowledges this trend and deals with it. Our methodology does not focus on “pitching the job” more effectively than the next recruiter. Rather, we assume a career-coaching role and help passive candidates understand what is most important to them. In fact, we send a one-page document of Career Drivers that helps anyone employed think through the categories that we all seek in our current, or future roles.

Tools and Techniques for the Task. The following nine elements reflect the Purpose-Driven RecruitmentTM methodology that we practice every day for our clients and candidates. We also offer these and many other tools in our C.O.R.E. (Center Of Recruiting Excellence) training program.

  1. Success Contract
    Objective: Hiring Leader and Recruiter achieve 98% certainty of an efficient hire.
  2. Incumbent Interview
    Objective: Ensure passive prospects “hear” from their new, potential colleagues–immediately.
  3. A Minimum of Seven
    Objective: Utilize tools and techniques to uncover hard-to-find contact information.
  4. Making Contact
    Objective: Be polite, professional, and persistent in order to differentiate.
  5. Considering Your Career Drivers
    Objective: Move from Talent Acquisition to Career-Coaching.
  6. Converting “No” to “Yes/Maybe”
    Objective: Use straightforward and sincere logic and rationale.
  7. Binary Elicitation by Reveal
    Objective: Employ “JEDI-Worthy” resources to build competitive and market intelligence.
  8. The 5-15-3 Sourcing Rule
    Objective: Expand five prospects to fifteen with a goal of presenting three finalists.
  9. Candidate Care by Reveal
    Objective: Deliver a great candidate experience and clear the path to a successful hire.