At Reveal, giving back is part of our DNA.

Not only do we give back to our clients via the Success Contract, we love to Pay It Forward to our community too.

We’re a philanthropic bunch who care about others, issues, causes, and simply giving thanks. Each time a Reveal client achieves a successful hire, we make a donation in their name to one of the many charitable organizations that we have vetted for this purpose.

It’s up to the client to determine where they want
to have an impact – whether their gift feeds 100 children
or provides 1000 gallons of clean water or works to
bring health and homes to animals in distress.

Pay It Forward

While only the recipient charity knows whom to thank for a gift, those affected by that donation experience all the benefits of its impact. We hope Paying It Forward will inspire other individuals and businesses to do the same.

Our clients appreciate that Reveal has built a vetted list of charitable organizations across multiple needs and interests. You can find that list of organizations here. While our founder actively gives to numerous causes, you can go to Marc’s Mutts to learn just where his soft spot is!