More Control and More Options. Disruptive.

Reveal’s approach to serving your hiring needs is unique.

We find and reveal hidden talent for immediate or future hiring needs. If the person you seek is on a payroll somewhere on the planet, we will find them. We don’t rely on a database or “networking,” which is, as we know, severely limited. Instead, our strategies are laser-focused, utilizing an elevated methodology of intelligence that incorporates technology, organizational analysis, and candidate-specific logic.

Our Business Model. Reveal doesn’t offer the traditional fee-for-hire approach you might expect from traditional recruiters or staffing agencies. We regularly bring the top-performing players in their fields to our clients and we invoice based on an hourly, project, or long-term contract basis. Every Reveal client has complete discretion over how many hours are incurred. That means you have control of your investment. And we can be as flexible as required — stopping, holding, and starting again as necessary. Just as important is the fact that services offered by Reveal can be unbundled to build a customized solution.

Our Process. Below is an overview of Reveal’s Process Flow. It’s a process that builds at a pace set by the client and is carefully designed to ensure clear communications and expectations between all parties, at every phase. In the end, it is able to successfully deliver passive talent in a way that simply can’t be done by traditional recruiting firms.

Our Approach
  1. Notification: Client notifies Reveal Global Intelligence of a hiring need or project
  2. Intake: Client and Reveal conduct an Intake Meeting, in which critical information is shared and the Definition of Success is established
  3. Statement of Understanding: Reveal delivers a completed document to ensure that the client is confident in our understanding of the hiring need and comfortable with estimated results, investment, and timelines
  4. Readiness Assessment: Adhering to guidelines provided in our Success Contract, Reveal clients are able to self-assess their internal readiness to effectively manage the unique nature of passive talent
  5. Candidate Identification: Approved target companies are talent-mapped for the appropriate individuals via the telephone with support from technology and other resources. Initial results are delivered in three to five business days and every three to five days thereafter
  6. Candidate Development: Reveal pursues each candidate in a confidential and professional manner to ensure they are qualified and interested in moving forward
  7. Delivery: Qualified and interested candidates are delivered, iteratively, in the format of a Reveal Profile with accompanying resume/CV of the candidate