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“I founded Reveal Global Intelligence after years of experience in leading and delivering recruiting in large corporate environments. As a former customer of traditional recruiting firms and other models, I was convinced I could help many more companies, large and small, with a unique, counterintuitive approach which would deliver greater Quality, Quantity, Speed, and Diversity, at a better Cost.”
~ Marc Hutto, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer

Experience Yields Innovation

After 15 years in corporate recruiting, Hutto had spent nearly half of his career dedicated to building one of the largest, first-ever, in-house talent sourcing teams for America’s fourth largest bank. By then he was convinced that there was a better way to support the efforts of corporate recruiting teams, as well as small-growth companies.

Our Team

Hutto stepped out of the corporate environment and surrounded himself with talented, passionate, and seasoned professionals with experiences similar to his own. When he founded Reveal Global Intelligence, Hutto continued to listen, learn, and continually adapt a new approach to recruiting and talent sourcing, one that rests on a platform of genuine interest in his client’s success and the Career Drivers of hidden talent. As a result, Reveal Global Intelligence specializes in finding and engaging the “passive” talent that traditional recruiting methods simply can’t deliver.

A Superior Approach for All Businesses – Large and Small

In addition, Marc abandoned the traditional fee structure, doing away with dated and expensive retainers, as well as the fee-for-hire compensation. Offering a full menu of strategies, tools, and services at an hourly rate, Hutto introduced a radical strategy that offered flexibility to businesses of all sizes. Check out what our clients say about doing business with Reveal.

Serving Clients, Serving Community

People discover the best version of themselves by pursuing their personal and professional passions. That why Team Reveal makes it possible for clients to enrich lives and impact communities with its Pay It Forward program.

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