Our Services to Growth Companies

Reveal knows all about recruiting for small businesses. That’s because we’re a small business ourselves.

Big Solutions for Small Businesses

Members of the Reveal team spent many years as in-house recruiters and recruiting leaders. As a result, we’ve been able to extract and “right-size” the processes and solutions we developed and executed in large corporations to fit the needs of our Growth Company Talent Management clients. Not only do we ensure you get hires, we also help you to build your internal processes and external employment brand so that you have the option to be more self-sufficient.

Learn more about all the many services Reveal offers Growth Companies, such as Analytics & Tools and Sales Intelligence.

“Our goal: to be the only alternative to traditional search firms and their high fees.”
~ Marc Hutto, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer
Reveal Global Intelligence

The Right Price for Continued Growth

At Reveal, our fees are normally based on an hourly rate. We also bill on a project basis or in an “always on” model, whereby we operate as your talent acquisition function on a fractional basis. Our Growth Company clients can expect Reveal to deliver hires at price points comparable to 10 to 15% of first year’s compensation–without a “placement fee” required by traditional recruiters. See for yourself how Reveal’s services compare to those of our competitors.

Why not hear about Reveal straight from the varied clients we serve? Check out our Client Buzz here.

Growth Company Buzz

Daniel LaFar, CEO of TargetCare, Inc.

Needed unique skill sets to enable their customized approach to helping companies manage the risks of their employees’ healthcare.

Yes, I’d like an introduction to TargetCare, Inc.

Joe Davant, President & CEO of Paceline, Inc.

Talks about the value of passive talent to Paceline’s mission of manufacturing life-enhancing products for the medical industry.

Yes, I’d like an introduction to Paceline, Inc.


Arthur Pue, President of Engineering Sales Associates

Explains how Reveal raised his game in the talent acquisition process to fuel its delivery of compressed air and liquid filtration applications for manufacturing companies.

Yes, I’d like an introduction to ESA

Alan Staten, President & CEO of Association Management Solutions, Inc.

Advises that “you better be ready to run when you engage Reveal” if you intend to grow at a similar rate as AMS and its support of residential communities and commercial properties.

Yes, I’d like an introduction to AMS.


Mark DeMarcus, Market Executive of Atlantic Capital Bank

Says, “I couldn’t be more pleased with Reveal and what they done for us” as he talks about the criticality of landing experienced bankers who can design solutions and facilitate decisions right in their customer’s office.

Yes, I’d like an introduction to ACB