How Do Reveal’s Services Compare To Competitors?

As a non-traditional search firm with no “placement fees,” Reveal eliminates concerns that have long plagued the recruiting industry. There’s a better way – and we’re making it happen.

  • Without a fee-for-hire model, there’s no temptation to “say anything” to get the hire and collect a fee. Instead, we focus on efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and alignment of the candidates to the opportunities.
  • In the end, Reveal clients often pay less than half of the fees required by traditional search firms.
  • Reveal doesn’t “specialize” in a handful of industries. That being the case, we only keep two to three clients in any single industry, giving us multiple competitors in that same vertical from which to recruit. We are serious about our Off-Limits Policy and never recruit from an active or recent client.
  • All the data Reveal produces belongs to you, including organizational information and lists of potential candidates for the future — and more. Unlike traditional firms, Reveal doesn’t take data you paid for and sell it to other clients to collect new placement fees. It’s just another way we honor our relationships with those who come to us.

You’re invited to read the following in-depth comparison of the non-traditional services provided by Reveal to the traditional services provided by staffing agencies and search firms. Details are also available on other unique service offerings from Reveal, including Purpose-Driven Recruitment™, our Success Contract, and the Pay It Forward program.

Considerations/Attributes Reveal Global Retained Firm Contingency Firm
Target specific companies for their top performing passive talent (direct competitors or companies that compete for the same talent
Guaranteed hires before FULL fees are paid
Satisfaction guaranteed ? ?
Will actively market resumes/CVs in hopes of getting a placement Possibly
Retainer and short list fees paid up front with possibility of no hires
Initial (custom/bespoke) results delivered in 3 – 5 days of launch of engagement and every 3 – 5 days until client concludes the search
Practice Leaders have been in corporate recruiting and/or HR roles for many years (understand the client's perspective) ? ?
Fees – as a percentage of annual compensation N/A 33% 15-25%
Research investment is considerably lower as compared to traditional resources and not "transactional"
Results delivered are specific to the client and not reused or marketed to other potential clients Possibly
Viable resource if no internal recruiting capacity exists
Maximum of 3 client companies in any industry vertical so that all other companies can serve as targets for talent
Client is in total control of the rate of their investment
Quality, Quantity, Speed, Cost, and Diversity are thoroughly discussed and success for each is defined by the client and delivered by the firm
Delivers market and/or competitive intelligence in real-time, contemporary fashion to enable business decisions related to talent