Create Your Own Corporate Talent Sourcing Team

SEEKR is a framework in which Corporate Talent Sourcing leaders and sourcing professionals can optimize their current sourcing functions/practices or find a highly-informed environment to learn, contribute, and collaborate.

Create Your Own Corporate Talent Sourcing Team

Intelligent people. Brilliant results.

SEEKR exists to discover and reveal innovation, successes, and lessons learned within the corporate talent sourcing function. Our membership is comprised of thought leaders that are committed to contributing, learning, and collaborating via the SEEKR platform. The mission to deliver SEEKR to its members is consistent with the efforts of Reveal Global Intelligence to advance the industry of corporate talent sourcing while fostering a community of like-minded thought leaders.

The SEEKR Framework

The SEEKR framework provides a methodology that delivers a "cognitive embrace" of the FOUR cornerstones of a corporate talent sourcing function

  1. Definition of Success (DOS): Quality, Cost, Quantity, Speed, Diversity
  2. Operational Objectives: Strategies and tactics to achieve the DOS
  3. Challenges, Pains, Risks: "CPR"s to avoid or anticipate - and resolve/prevent
  4. Anatomical Components: 7 categories of a corporate talent sourcing function
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