Recruitment Research

A Learning System that eclipses the tired days of one recruiting/sourcing training course after another.

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Recruitment Research – The Core of Your Success

Simply put, Recruitment Intelligence is your leg up on the competition. With Reveal Global Intelligence as your ally, you will never have to be left to guess whether the search process is going to produce the results you seek. We've developed a set of perfected and proprietary methods that we use to conduct our research, and it's never a fuzzy exercise.

Recruitment Research – The Core of Your Success

Based on your needs, Reveal Global Intelligence can offer alone or in combination:

  • DeepWeb Search - At Reveal, we refer to this as PreSearch. Our professionals use multiple electronic resources and subscription-based tools to unearth passive and active candidates.
  • Talent Mapping - Using our powerful telephone research methodology, we build accurate organization charts for specific companies with names, titles, and reporting relationships. And we include hard-to-find information on recent restructurings, hires and departures.
  • Candidate Identification - Our professionals conduct original, direct and ethical telephone identification of passive talent from targeted companies to obtain a comprehensive roster within a group or department.
  • Candidate Development - With names in hand, we then develop them into fully qualified candidates. We don't mean minimally qualified; we mean best qualified and interested in the job.

Reveal Global Intelligence can offer a turnkey solution, or an a la carte menu, with fee structures to suit your budget and your priorities. As you know, investing in a smart, effective solution always pays off in the end with superior results and enhanced ROI.

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