Performance Coaching

A Learning System that eclipses the tired days of one recruiting/sourcing training course after another.

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Performance Coaching

The ultimate goal of Performance Coaching is to positively impact the business through continuous improvement of the sourcing or recruiting professional’s contributions. The Performance Coaching methodology, delivered by Reveal to its client’s sourcing or recruiting professionals, elevates the skill level to the extent that challenging searches are successfully completed internally and that the processes surrounding this work are efficient and effective.


Reveal is positioned to deliver Performance Coaching to sourcers and recruiters in our client companies in order to solidify their understanding of the learning modules of our C.O.R.E.™ Learning System or to deliver the Performance Coaching curriculum so that sourcing/recruiting professionals can develop and/or improve their coaching skills.

Benefits of Reveal’s Performance Coaching methodology include:

Meeting the learner “where they are” in their development for a specific task/duty

  • Assessment process to determine Learning, Skilled, or Expert

Establishing an understanding of Learning, Skilled, Expert to create peer-to-peer coaching

  • If Learning or Skilled = receive coaching
  • If Expert = deliver Performance Coaching (lowers external training investments)

Assessment to determine the learning style of the learner

  • Enables to coach to adapt their style to the learner

Providing a path to continuous improvement, best practices, and celebrating successes

  • Great coaches are vocal about what they learned from the learner

Performance Coaching Trio of Stakeholders

Reveal’s Performance Coaching methodology is built upon identifying coaching opportunities that are:

  • Progressive – formal coaching with agreed topics, timeline and action plan
  • Precipitated – on-the-spot coaching when opportunities are observed
  • Team-based – formal and informal group coaching
  • Client – enabling hiring managers to reel in passive talent, consistently
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