After building one of the first (perhaps, the very first) corporate talent sourcing teams beginning in 1998, Marc Hutto has worked to build a team at Reveal that has experience leading and/or working on corporate talent sourcing teams.  Since 2006, Reveal has been working with large corporations in the U.S. and UK to build or optimize internal talent sourcing teams.  Our clients often find that simply working with Reveal for its recruitment intelligence services, training, performance coaching or other services also delivers unexpected, pro bono, and surprisingly robust access to the knowledge and actionable tools for launching or strengthening their internal talent sourcing function.  Of course, specific and focused consulting and advisory services for corporate talent sourcing functions are made available by Reveal.


If you're just starting to build an internal sourcing function, or are looking for ways to strengthen it, we can help you create or modify your sourcing model to set it on the right course.

  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Processes
  • Technology
  • Diversity sourcing
  • Building internal support
  • Performance metrics & scorecards

Many of our clients have found that a combination of Reveal Global Intelligence outsourced projects and Reveal Global Intelligence internal team training are the way to build immediate and long-term performance into their corporate sourcing environments. Talk to us about your needs today, and we'll work together to put your company on the path to Reveal Global Intelligence excellence.

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