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A Learning System that eclipses the tired days of one recruiting/sourcing training course after another.

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Learn from Research Champions

Here's the really amazing part. We not only provide superior recruiting and sales intelligence, but we'll share our secrets with your staff. The lost art of telephone-based research. Talent acquisition best practices. Web-based ("secondary research") that dramatically shortens search efforts. Our training sessions ensure your employees walk away with a formula for developing talent and sales leads with fast, ethical results.

Learn from Research Champions

Training, Learning and Development

We've brought together two of our primary competencies - Transparency and Methodology - to offer learning opportunities based on the very processes that drive our own success. We'll share with your employees the lost art of telephone-based research, and ensure that they walk away with the formula for results in an ethical framework.

  • Consulting/Consulting - If you're just starting to build an internal sourcing function, or are looking for ways to strengthen it, we can help you create or modify your sourcing model to set it on the right course.
  • C.O.R.E.™ – Ready to move to the next step in the evolution of learning and development for research and sourcing? The Center Of Research Excellence (C.O.R.E.™) learning system has a "wow factor" that you just gotta see. License it as is at your company and/or supplement C.O.R.E.™ with additional content to further customize it.
  • Performance Coaching - Send us your individual recruiters, sourcing professionals and their leaders for one-on-one and team coaching to bring Reveal Global Intelligence methods in-house for any phase of the sourcing or recruiting process.
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