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Measure Success One Expectation At A Time

Measure Success One Expectation At A Time

Before your company can evaluate our success, it is important to define what success means to you. At Reveal, we call this process Quintessence™ and address it with every engagement. Essentially, Quintessence™ involves assessing your most vital issues and expectations, and prioritizing them based on their value to you. For example, if hiring a senior account executive is your most immediate need, we will consult with you to determine how you will define success for that particular engagement. Accountability is the bottom line and we never shy away from it.



During our intake meetings, we identify the attributes that clients want to see in finalists in order to consider them "qualified." Will you hold us accountable for 'quality' by a form other than these attributes?



At what point during a search might you become concerned about the amount of the research investment?



Will you measure success from the date we launch your search to the first resume delivered, or perhaps the date an offer is made/accepted?



Most companies appreciate diversity of a solid candidate pool, but which identity groups are most desired for your organization or for this particular search?



Can you estimate the number of resumes and interviews you believe you'll need to make a decision (assuming all candidates meet the criteria expected)?


By asking questions like these and asking you to prioritize these Quintessence™ factors based on your situation, the probability of Reveal delivering success to you is 100%.

"Avoiding ambiguity, mutual mystification, or generalities is an essential ingredient
for embracing accountability."

Marc Hutto,
Founder and Managing Principal
Reveal Global Intelligence