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A Learning System that eclipses the tired days of one recruiting/sourcing training course after another.

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Phase 1: Candidate Identification

Revealing hidden talent in "target companies" that are known to employ the individuals our clients seek (results delivered in Excel and/or Visio org charts).


Phase 2: Candidate Development

Approaching those prospects identified to enthusiastically present the opportunity and ensure qualifications as well as interest exist (results delivered in Word and Excel).

Option 1

You take the list of prospects identified and place the initial calls to them. We will recommend a very specific and intentional method for contacting passive talent.

Option 2

Reveal will place the initial calls on your behalf. We attempt the prospects multiple times to ensure we speak with as many as possible. Final candidates, qualified and interested are delivered to you with the original, larger set of data.

Option 3

You split the list in any manner you wish with Reveal in order to share the burden of making the initial calls to the prospects.


Estimated results and investment vary based upon industry, market demand for talent for the vacant role(s), client's employment value proposition, and accessibility of the talent.

Finally, all data and final results produced belong to our client and
are never re-sold or compromised.


A Little More Detail About How the Process Works

  1. Notification - Client notifies Reveal Global Intelligence of a hiring need or project.
  2. Intake - Client and Reveal conduct an Intake Meeting in which critical information is shared and the Definition of Success is established.
  3. Defining Success - Reveal delivers a Statement of Understanding to the client to ensure that our deliverables, understanding, and Definition of Success are approved.
  4. Readiness Assessment - Reveal delivers the opportunity for the client to self-assess its internal readiness to effectively manage the unique nature of passive talent.
  5. Candidate Identification - Approved target companies are talent-mapped for the appropriate individuals via the telephone with support from technology and other resources. Initial results delivered in 3 to 5 business days and every 3 to 5 days thereafter.
  6. Candidate Development - Note that the client may or may not wish to review and approve the list of individuals that have been identified before this process begins.
  7. Delivery - Qualified and Interested candidates are delivered, iteratively, in the format of a Reveal Profile with accompanying resume/CV of the candidate.

Our client has complete discretion over how many hours are incurred so that the investment is controlled by the client. We can start, stop, hold, and begin again as often as the client desires. Additionally, each of the steps (services) above can be unbundled to build a customized solution.

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