Comparative Analysis

A Learning System that eclipses the tired days of one recruiting/sourcing training course after another.

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Take an in depth look at how Reveal's services compare to their competitors



Considerations/AttributesReveal GlobalRetained FirmContingency Firm
Target specific companies for their top performing passive talent (direct competitors or companies that compete for the same talent
Guaranteed hires before FULL fees are paid
Satisfaction guaranteed??
Will actively market resumes/CVs in hopes of getting a placementPossibly
Retainer and short list fees paid up front with possibility of no hires
Initial (custom/bespoke) results delivered in 3 - 5 days of launch of engagement and every 3 - 5 days until client concludes the search
Practice Leaders have been in corporate recruiting and/or HR roles for many years (understand the client's perspective)??
Fees - as a percentage of annual compensationN/A33%15-25%
Research investment is considerably lower as compared to traditional resources and not "transactional"
Results delivered are specific to the client and not reused or marketed to other potential clientsPossibly
Viable resource if no internal recruiting capacity exists
Maximum of 3 client companies in any industry vertical so that all other companies can serve as targets for talent
Client is in total control of the rate of their investment
Quality, Quantity, Speed, Cost, and Diversity are thoroughly discussed and success for each is defined by the client and delivered by the firm
Delivers market and/or competitive intelligence in real-time, contemporary fashion to enable business decisions related to talent


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