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A Learning System that eclipses the tired days of one recruiting/sourcing training course after another.

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Follow A Vision Based On Insight

In today's dynamic global marketplace, finding the right talent and sales leads to grow your business is a full-time job. We should know because we've been doing it for decades. The leader in talent sourcing, research and acquisition, Reveal puts the right candidates with the best resumes in your hands, plus offers sales intelligence that impacts short- and long-term revenues.

And we do it with greater efficiency, transparency, and integrity than anyone else.

Follow A Vision Based On Insight


Yep. Here's a flavor of how differently we see the world.

Rather than approach our clients with a "name generation" or database mentality, where simply cranking out more and more names seems to be the norm with the companies that seek to compete with us, we think, innovate, leverage our experience, and solve the challenge.
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What separates us from other firms?

Quality, experience, and results. Using proprietary methods, including telephone and electronic research that does not invoke questionable methods, we guide our clients to success because we get it. Having extensive experience in corporate recruiting, we understand exactly what delights – and disappoints – our corporate recruiting clients. We view corporate recruiting professionals as our client and critical to the process. No "end runs" to get past corporate recruiting and to the hiring manager. Of course, we are pleased to support traditional search firms as an important part of our client base. With offices on two continents, experience in 43 countries (so far…), and a "pay it forward" approach with our clients, we work hard to earn the loyalty with our clients that we enjoy. Rather than find a variety of new ways to charge our clients for the solutions and knowledge we gained while in corporate roles, we share these best practices readily with our clients to create a relationship beyond the transactional.
That's what makes Reveal unique.

Whether you're seeking pipeline talent, competitive intelligence, prospective sales leads or candidates for the best qualified hire, we provide a full range of worldwide options. Our clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to small entrepreneurial firms worldwide. Our in-depth knowledge and multi-lingual capabilities translate to virtually any country or industry from finance to pharmaceuticals, entertainment to aerospace.

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