Great people are hard to find. Unless you know how (and where) to look.

At Reveal, we find the people who are actively and happily employed, heads down, effectively doing their jobs every day and we bring them to you to hire now or later for a one-time investment. The alternative to traditional recruiting firms, Reveal Global Intelligence.
The Leader in Passive Talent Recruitment.

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Look What Our Clients Are Saying…

“You folks are champions!!!  (CFO) very much liked (candidate) today as well.  He is very pleased to have two strong, capable, well-qualified candidates to choose from for the VP, Procurement role.  Well done team!!!”
~ Laura T., Director, Talent Acquisition,
Food Services and Catering, 10K to 15K employees, $1.2B in revenue

Reveal’s Purpose-Driven Recruitment™ Process

Our powerful, proprietary recruiting methodology is disruptive and able to accomplish what traditional firms can’t do for you. After 15 years of working and leading in corporate recruiting, founder Marc Hutto honed a new approach called Purpose-Driven Recruitment™.

How is it different? In virtually every way. Using a blend of technology and people-focused skills, Reveal finds talent that has been, heretofore, unfindable via traditional database strategies. Additionally, Reveal knows that the traditional approach of high retainer fees and fee-for-hire options is outdated. There’s a smarter way to serve corporate and growth clients with flexible fee options. Our clients will tell you the savings are substantial.

Learn more about all Reveal has to offer — from its highly effective services to its commitment to give back to clients who follow our proven path to success.

  • Strategies to Reveal Hidden Talent
  • Identification/Talent Mapping
  • Discover Candidate Career Drivers
  • Competitive & Market Intelligence
  • Candidate Care

One of the Reasons Reveal Global Intelligence is so Successful
is their Extraordinary Clients over a Wide Range of Industries.
Watch Mark DeMarcus of Atlantic Capital Bank

Why Clients NEED Reveal

There are many reasons that clients reach out to us.

Our research over the years tells us that the three main factors are:


Needle-in-a-haystack search? Some roles demand a focus that rivals an obsession. We’ve earned our stripes across countless challenging searches, spanning nearly all industries and 43 countries.


Limited in-house resources? When workloads increase, our client’s capacity decreases and then they flip the “Reveal switch.” Dial us up and down, as needed.

See how Reveal compares to other recruiters


Have a need for speed? We deliver results in days – not weeks. Whether it’s a surprise resignation, a newly approved and needed role, succession planning, top-grading, or a desire to see the availability and cost of specified talent, Reveal can often move faster than the client anticipated.

Talk to Reveal About a Search or Training Need

His answer to my question was simple.“Trust.”
I asked our client, an exceptionally high-performing VP of Talent Acquisition of a multi-billion dollar juggernaut, “When you took on this new role a few years ago, and all eyes were on you, why did you stake so much of your reputation on Reveal as a key element of your success?” Beyond the compliment of “trust”, he said, “It takes two to succeed or fail. Given my experience in working with you previously, I know how you will handle matters if things aren’t going as you or I would like.
It’s HOW you respond when in tough situations that engenders trust with me.”

My primary goal is to establish and maintain that reputation with him and also with as many other clients as possible.

– Marc Hutto, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of Reveal Global Intelligence

Meet Marc Hutto

Reveal | Marc Hutto

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